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Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta is the first sermon of the Lord Buddha, delivered to the five ascetics (“Pancavaggi”) at “I-sip-pa-ta-na-ma-ruka-ta-ya-wan” Forest, Varanasi in India. The Dhammcakkkappavattana Sutta is the core of Buddhism as it give explaination about the Middle Way , Eight Fold Path and Four Noble Truth.


After Lord Buddha delivered this Sutta , Kondañña became enlightened as the first Stream-Winner which made first monk in Buddhism , first enlightened follower and Triple Gem completely occurred which comprise of Buddha , Dhamma and Sangha.

So Dhammacakka Sutta can bring happiness and success to human life until can change ordinary person to be noble monk.

During the world face many difficulties such as COVID pandemic , war , economic problem, social problem, ect. , the Dhammacakka chanting can reduce the stress and purify human mind especially if we chant this Sutta together regularly around the world. This program will be the origin to let the Wheel of Dhamma set in motion the incalculable power of purity that can overcome all difficulties.




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Chanting and Meditation throughout the World via Zoom

The Dhammacakkappavatta Sutta Chanting is one of the most important sutta. It’s coving of the three principles; Dhamma Learning, Practice and to Attain Enlightenment. Furthermore, these three are important principles for Buddhism to inherit as a refuge for human beings and gods until today.

Consequently, we had invited an International Buddhist Monk and the Lay People to an around the world Buddhist chanting activity to join on the Dhammacakka Chanting, Meditating, Lantern Lighting and Sharing-Loving Kindness for the World Peace

VDO Chanting and Meditation throughout the World via Zoom

Every day at Maha Dhammakaya Cetiya, the One Million Buddhas, there is the sound of Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta Chanting 24 hours. There are many virtuous people, different nationalities and countries around the world sending their hearts to The Great Dhammakaya Cetiya to chant together. This is a gathering of the great purity masses scattered from each corner of the world.

H.H. Most Venerable Mahasaddhammajuthikadhaja
13th Sangharaja

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H.H. Most Venerable Professor Banasree Mahathera 29th Sanghanayaka in Bangladesh Chief Abbot

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Most Ven Bhaddanta Sandi Ma Bhivamsa Secretary General of State Sangha Mahanayaka Committee Ministry of Culture and Religious Affairs Union of Myanmar

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Master Ven. Jing Yao

President of Buddhist Association of Republic of China ( B.A.ROC) , TAIWAN

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Prof.Ven Hui Hai

Vice Chancellor of Dharma Buddhist University, Malaysia

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Ven. Lama Palden

Chairman, Nepal Tamang Lama Ghedun (Association of Nepal Tamang Lama (Monk)

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Dr. Sabuj Barua

Sr. Vice President of Pharmacist Association of Chittagong.

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Nun Mithila Chowdhury

Secretary General of Dhammachackka Alliance Of Asia.

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