About us


1. To inspire all Buddhists to chant together to purify ones’ mind and human mind to overcome the world crisis.
2. To inspire Buddhists , all Nikayas pay interest of Dhammacakka Sutta , the first sermon of the Lord Buddha
3. To create the International Dhammacakka recite networking healing the planet
4. To support , develop and expand the Dhammacakka reciting network
5. To collect all the knowledge and information about Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta

Target of Participants

1. The Leader and Coordinator of Dhammachakka Reciting in each country
2. International Buddhist Organization Leaders , all Nikayas both Sanghas and Laypeople
3. Buddhist Leaders in South East Asia Zone , South Asia Zone and East Asia Zone


1. Message from World Buddhist Leaders
2. Keynote Speech
3. VDO International Dhammacakka Chanting
4. Zoom Meeting
5. Establish of International Dhammacakka recite Networking
6. Ongoing Project
7. The Celebration of Dhammacakka on Full Moon Day


1. H. H.Somdej Jyanasiri Mahathero , Sangharacha of Bangladesh
2. H. H. Somdej Banasiri Mahathero , Sanghanayaka of Bangladesh
3. Ven. Dhammapiya , Secretary General of International Buddhist Confederation ( IBC), India
4. Ven. Sanghasena , President of MahaBodhi International Meditation Center ( MIMC), India
5. Ven. Anuruddha Mahathero , Secretary General of World Buddhist Sangha Youth ( WBSY)

Supporters of the project

1. World Alliance of Buddhists (WAB )
2. Bangladesh Bouddha Bhikkhu Sammiloni
3. Bangladesh Bouddha Juba Parisad ( BBJP)
4. Buddhist Cultural Center of Cambodia ( BCCC)
5. International Sasana Mamaka Association, Myanmar ( ISMA)
6. Mahabodhi International Meditation Center ( MIMC ) , India
7. Dhamma Dipa Foundation, India
8. Ahilyabai Holkar Multipurpose Education Society ( AHMES), India
9. Buddhist Society of India
10. Jaigon Dolma Monastery, West Bengal, India
11. Anuruddha Arana , SriLanka
12. Chinese Young Buddhist Association ( CYBA ) , Taiwan
13. Inner Mind Foundation , Thailand
14. World Buddhist Friendship Club ( WBFC), Thailand
15. World Buddhist Friendship Club


International Committee for the Espousal of Dhammacakkappavatta Sutta (ICED)

Expected Result

1. The Unity of Buddhists by Reciting Dhammachakka Sutta
2. Dhammachakka recite networking expand all over the world.
3. New impact activities from Dhammacakka recite network.
4. Happiness and Peace of human being.