The Fruits of Chanting

Dhammacakkappavattana sutta



1.Be endowed with superior worldly and non-secular knowledge.

2.Be admired by both human and celestial beings and graciously welcomed wherever one goes.

3.Have courage and always receive help from others.

4.Be blessed with a sweet and melodic voice and is greatly respected and loved by others.

5.Be born into a lineage possessing Right View and dedicated to the pursuit of the Perfections.

6.Be endowed with an ever cheerful and smiling nature; happiness; radiant skin; and is loved by others.

7.Be a kindhearted person who easily turns foes into friends; has a great reputation; and is beloved by friends.

8.Be safeguarded from all dangers; shielded from fools and troublemakers; surrounded by the wise; and lead a happy life.

9.Be born into a noble family that is endowed with great wealth, reputation, and happiness.

10.While chanting, one’s mind is stable and undistracted, allowing one to be calm, sharp, and focused.

11.Be able to attain the inner Dhamma easily and quickly in every lifetime until reaching the Uttermost of Dhamma.